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P90X mass

P90X Mass Building? Can It Really Be Done?

Whenever I talk about P90X with someone, typically, most people think that P90X is used to lose weight. And you can absolutely lose weight and get ripped with P90X. But today, I’m going to show you how to gain Mass with P90X. We call it P90X Mass (kind of like Christmas). 🙂 Why Gain P90X […]

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My Supplement Bag

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get has to do with supplements. Which ones do I take? Which ones should they take? Shouldn’t I Just Eat “Real” Food? Now, before I get comments and messages saying that supplements are worthless, you should only eat real food, let me clarify something. I believe […]

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What Equipment Do I Need For P90X?

Thinking about giving P90X a shot? Good choice. But there are going to be a few pieces of equipment that you’re going to need before you get started to get through the workouts and get the best results. Equipment Needed for P90X Depending on your financial situation I’ll give you my recommendations on what you need […]

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P90X Nutrition Guide

Solving the P90X Nutrition Plan Mystery

You’ve just received P90X in the mail. Sweet! It feels like Christmas! But wait… nobody mentioned you were going to have to READ anything before getting started! Well, sorry to break it to you, but you WILL have to read through the P90X fitness guide AND the P90X nutrition guide if you want to have […]

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Learn to Run Your Own Race

Do you compare yourself to others? Of course you do. We ALL do. Whether it’s our careers, family life, house, car or fitness level, we all compare ourselves to others in some shape or fashion. “I wish I had her shoes.” “I wish I had a bigger house like so-and-so.” “I wish I had a […]

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