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Can I Substitute Yoga X with Cardio X?

One of the most common things I hear people complain about when doing P90X is that they do not like Yoga X and they want to substitute it with Cardio X. I’ll be honest, when I first started P90X I felt the same way. I knew nothing about Yoga. From what I had heard from […]

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P90X Money Back Guarantee

I’ve had a few people ask me, this week, “If I try P90X and don’t like it can I get my money back?” It seems as if they are un-committing themselves before they even commit to the program. P90X is, in my opinion, the best exercise program on the planet. I’ve done the “gym” thing. […]

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P90X+ Week 1 Review

Well, after 4 rounds of P90X we’ve finally graduated to P90X+. I was a little nervous changing programs because I love P90X so much but a little diversity is never a bad thing. Starting P90X+ has been a humbling experience. I forgot how much of a learning curve there was when we first started P90X. […]

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P90X One on One

P90X One on One is the next evolution in the One on One with Tony Horton series. The P90X One on One series is being used as the developmental series for P90X:MC2 – the next P90X. So I decided to order the new P90X One on One workout to see what all of the buzz […]

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New Meal Planner on Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody’s new and improved Meal Planner takes the guesswork out of good nutrition. Completely customizable and makes it easy to get the right amount of calories, carbs, proteins, etc. to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Check out the key features and functions in this video and start eating smart today. This […]

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