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paul ryan does P90X

Rep. Paul Ryan Does P90X

There are many celebrities and professional athletes who have come out and admitted that they do P90X but Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin may be the first politician to do it. And he’s not the only one! He actually gets a group of politicians, democrats and republicans, together to workout and do P90X together. Talk […]

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Workout Routine 2/8-2/14

Monday: Chest & Back Tuesday: Plyometrics Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms Thursday: Yoga Friday: Legs & Back Saturday: Kenpo Sunday: Off Week 1 of Round 3 and I’m still sore! P90X continues to amaze me with how effective it is. I have never worked out with any other routine where I am constantly sore (in a […]

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Headache During P90X… Possible?

Last week I started my 3rd round of P90X and so I really decided to Bring It! I’ve decided that I am going to do the “Doubles” calendar so that I can be in extremely great shape for the summer (I’ll be going to a lot of basketball referee camps). With the idea of “Bringing […]

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Workout Review 2/1-2/7

Monday: Yoga Tuesday: Core Synergistics Wednesday: Kenpo Thursday: Off Friday: Core Synergistics Saturday: Yoga Sunday: Off Round 2 done. Monday starts Round 3 and I plan on bringing it. Throughout Round 2 I have slacked a bit on cardio days. With reffing 4-5 days per week I made the decision to cut back on my […]

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Workout Review 1/25-1/31

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Tuesday: Off – officiated 2 games of basketball Wednesday: Back and Biceps Thursday: Yoga X Friday: Legs and Back Saturday: Off Sunday: Off This was the last week of my second round of P90X. I can’t believe how quickly time goes when you stay committed to just pushing play everyday, doing […]

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