Team Beachbody Stands Alone in the Health and Wellness Industry

Within network marketing there are literally THOUSANDS of companies to choose from.

Most companies offer consumable products and most of THOSE companies are in the health and wellness industry.

So the question becomes, which company should I join?

To answer that question you should look at a few factors.

1. Are you passionate/ Do you believe in the product?

2. Can you actually make money promoting the product?

3. Does the company offer any Unique Selling Proposition? Does is stand out from the “crowd” of other health & wellness netowrk marketing companies?

With the research I have done into wellness MLM companies I have come to the conclusion that MOST are very similar. Most offer quality products that you can get behind and are reputable businesses that have a track record of creating success.

However, where I became lost in my research was when I attempted to differentiate the different companies. There was very little that set one apart from another.

Of course, when I would talk to the reps of these various companies they would all tought that their shake, pill, juice, etc. was the best, highest quality, from the most exotic island, etc. but other than arguing which companies product was better, there really wasn’t much that was different.

In all of my research I was able to find one company in the health and wellness industry that seemed to have “cracked the code” in separating themselves amongst the “herd”… and here’s how.

Branding and Name Recognition

If you’ve ever done any “channel surfing” then I am positive you have come across one of Beachbody’s infomercials. Ever hear of P90X, Insanity, ChaLean Extreme, Turbo Fire, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs or Body Gospel? These are just a few of the programs that the company produces. Recently P90X, Insanity and Turbo Fire were listed as the #1, #2 and #3 infomercials in America!

What does this do for you?

Instant credibility. Instant name recognition. Instant company branding.

If I wear a P90X shirt I will have someone stop me and either ask me about the program or tell me that they’ve done it. (or attempted it :-)) I don’t have to wear a silly shirt that says something like “Ask me about ______” trying to entice people to talk to me. They just do!

And while the brand recognition is awesome, this is not the only thing that separates this company from any other.

Free Customers.

Yes. You read that Right. FREE customers.

Not “leads”. Not “potential” customers. Actual customers who had ALREADY purchased one of the companies products.

How do they get these customers?

They spend over $125 MILLION in advertising both online and offline (9/10 people INSTANTLY recognize their #1 product – no explaining necessary) which generates up to 70,000 customers per WEEK!

I had never hear of anything like this in network marketing before and I actually stumbled into this opportunity because I was one of those “paying customers”.

Why would the company just GIVE away customers?

Well, I don’t want to go into ALL of the details of the company, comp plan , etc here but if you’d like more info then please feel free to visit for all of the information regarding this amazing company and amazing opportunity.

If you love the health and wellness industry but are tired of explaining why your magic pill or potion is better than another pill or potion then you MUST check out Team Beachbody.

Okay…so you’ve checked out the opportunity with Team Beachbody… now you’re thinking, “why should I join your team?” Well I’ll explain why —>here.

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