The #1 Thing A Referee Can Do to Get Noticed

What’s the #1 thing a basketball official can do to get noticed?

Basketball_OfficialFor the past few years, I have been officiating basketball at the high school and now small college level. It has turned from a weekend hobby into a passion and desire to become the best official ever. But becoming the best official ever doesn’t “just happen”. It takes years of studying film, learning from veteran officials and working enough games to get the real-life experience of handling situations.

One way that an official can get many of those experiences wrapped into one is by attending a camp in the off-season. Camps are great ways for officials to often work higher levels of basketball than they’re used to, be put in uncomfortable situation and learn from those situations so that they will know how to handle that situation should it come up in the regular season.

The Real Reason We Attend Camps

Learning, growing and becoming better officials are reasons why we ALL should be attending camps. But let’s be honest for a moment. The REAL reason that many of us attend camps is that we want to work better basketball games. Whether it’s moving up to the varsity level, moving into college basketball or even moving up to the NBA, we attend camps to show assignors that we know how to referee and to get hired!

The One Thing That An Official Can do To Get Noticed

There aren’t many things that we can control in  a camp environment, but there is one thing. And this one “thing” is not just one thing among many things. This is one BIG thing. What is it? Check out the video below to find out the answer.

If you have any questions on choosing a program then feel free to comment below or send me a message and I will help you out in any way I can.

Good luck to all my fellow officials out there as we enter camp season.

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