Tropical Shakeology Review – A Few Surprises!

Tropical Shakeology Review

Tropical Shakeology

It’s FINALLY here! The long awaited flavor of Shakeology – Tropical Strawberry. This new flavor has been talked about for MONTHS since the Team Beachbody Summit event in June 2011 when we initially tasted it. In this post I am going to give you my thoughts and opinions of the new flavor, a complete Tropical Shakeology review.

Tropical Shakeology Review – Smell

When you first open the bag you will get a good whiff of the fruity, strawberry smell of Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. When you compare the smell of Tropical to that of Greenberry, in my opinion, there is ZERO comparison on which flavor is “fruitier.” Tropical Shakeology definitely passes the “smell test.”

Tropical Shakeology Review – Taste

So the first thing that everyone wants to know about the new flavor is, “How does it taste?” Well in the words of my kids, “It tastes like bubblegum!” It’s crazy, but it actually does! When I first made Tropical Shakeology I thought it was very fruity. You can really taste the strawberry, banana, pineapple and other exotic fruits. It’s amazing how the flavors just come to life when you blend it up! Lately, I’ve been trying a few of the recipes that are on the calendar card that you receive when you order Shakeology but so far I prefer just adding some orange juice, ice and blend away! Every once in a while I’ll get crazy and add in a banana. ­čÖé So for me, Tropical Shakeology definitely passed the taste test as I am more of a fruit lover than a chocolate lover and was a little disappointed with Greenberry’s “healthy” taste.

Tropical Shakeology Review – Texture

When we initially sampled Tropical Shakeology in June, it was made with a very┬ásimilar formulation to Chocolate and Greenberry. When it was officially released however, the formulation changed COMPLETELY! One of the biggest changes to the formulation was the protein source. Initially the formula called for a whey isolate but co-creator Darin Olien had different plans. With the new formulation of Tropical Shakeology the included a plant based protein source. That’s right. We now have a 100% VEGAN Shakeology!

Now to pull this off was a HUGE accomplishment for Darin and the rest of the Shakeology team. I mean, have you ever tasted a Vegan shake? They’re GROSS! They’re super gritty and almost leave a film on your teeth when you’re done drinking them! But have no fear people, that was NOT to be with Tropical Shakeology.

So when I heard that the new flavor of Shakeology was going to be vegan I expected the worst. Gritty, sandy and just nasty feeling when I drank it. With my first blend of Tropical Shakeology I was pleasently surprised! It still had a very subtle grittiness to it but it was nowhere NEAR other vegan shakes that I have tried. Compared to other vegan shakes it is extremely smooth.

WARNING!! If you’ve never had a vegan shake before you will think that it is VERY gritty compared to a whey protein shake. Whey protein is COMPLETELY different texture than brown rice protein so give it some time for you to adjust.

Tropical Shakeology Review – Final Thoughts

So my final thoughts on Tropical Shakeology are this, it’s good. However, I will NOT be completely abandoning my beloved Chocolate Shakeology mixed with almond milk, peanut butter and a banana. I WILL however be adding Tropical Shakeology as a suitable alternative to chocolate and having it on a fairly regular basis.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Greenberry or are a vegan and are looking for a shake that doesn’t make you want to go immediately brush your teeth, then this is the shake for you. Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. You will not be disappointed.


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