Weight Loss Myth: Snacking Is Bad

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Trying to lose weight? Have you ever heard this weight loss myth – “Don’t snack. Snacking is bad.” If you’ve been trying for any period of time I’m sure you have. One of many weight loss tactics, which are based more in a concept of denial of food compared to best method to slim down, may be the myth that as you’re attempting to reduce weight you shouldn’t snack. We’re here to debunk this weight loss myth and also let you know exactly what the best method to really slim down is.

Weight Loss Myth: Don’t Snack!

The fundamental trouble with the concept that you shouldn’t snack throughout your journey to slim down is the fact that it’s essential! The assumption is that while you’re slimming down you won’t ever experience hunger. This is just flat out wrong! You absolutely need to snack so that your body doesn’t feel hungry. Feeling hungry can result in a couple of things which are harmful to weight reduction.

Snacking To Reduce Calories for Weight Loss

weight loss Now let me clarify. When I’m talking about snacking, I’m NOT talking about chips, cookies and the other junk that most people are accustomed to snacking on. I’m talking about snacking on fresh fruit, vegetables and other things that you find in a farmer’s market! So how does snacking reduce calories? First, whenever you feel hungry, it’s much more likely that you will end up grabbing whatever is the closest thing to you. Unfortunately, these things will most likely “fill you up” the quickest and will also be filled with calories, salts and sugars. You do not want that! So snacking on something healthy, and snacking often will actually help you REDUCE your daily calorie intake.

If You’re Hungry, You’re Starving.

Another factor to consider that you would like to prevent feeling hungry is your body responds to something that it perceives as starvation, and when you are feeling food deprived then the same is true the body. When your body thinks it might be set for a stretch without food, it will start to store calories as body fat rather than using them up. When that occurs, even when you’re eating under normal, you aren’t putting yourself in a position to slim down.

The fundamental guideline is you should consume frequently enough to prevent feeling hungry. Eating 5 or 6 small foods each day rather than several large ones can make this happen. However, if you are beginning to experience hunger, then you definitely should consume something!


The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret

So now that we’ve exposed the weight loss myth that snacking is bad you can now take better control of your weight loss. One of the absolute best things you can do to accelerate your weight loss and help you slim down even faster is incorporating a regular workout schedule. Ensuring regular exercise is a component of your daily routine will help you have a high metabolism and shed pounds even quicker. If you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey, begin with an easy workout like Slim in 6. Then upgrade to some thing challenging like Rev Abs. And finally, push yourself to the max with something like P90X2, Insanity or Les Mills Pump. However you’re doing so, it isn’t realistic to say you’ll never snack. Healthy snacking is GOOD! Do’t buy into that weight loss myth!

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