We’re MOVING! But Why?


movingAlright… so you may have seen me post that “We’re Moving” on Facebook and maybe you though, “What the heck does that even mean?”

Well… before we get into the nitty gritty of the move… let’s make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to “Facebook lingo.” Let’s define “wall” and “page”…

Facebook Lingo 101

Wall refers to your personal profile on Facebook. (It’s what you mostly see us post on now)
Page refers to www.fb.com/TheRealCoachMark or www.fb.com/LiveHealthyAndFit – which, up until now has been sparingly used as a business page.


For those who are friends of mine on Facebook, you have no doubt been seeing the posts regarding our upcoming move over to www.fb.com/TheRealCoachMark (for Mark) or www.fb.com/LiveHealthyAndFit (for Jessica).

We’ve had these pages for a few years now, but have recently decided to make it our main homes on Facebook.


Why Are We Moving?

1. Facebook policy does not allow business to be conducted on personal WALLS.

This is not a new policy and while we have definitely broken this policy… we have avoided being penalized for it – thankfully.

Recently, however, Facebook has decided to crack down on on their policies by blocking, and at times, banning, those small business owners who have broken the agreement.

Some of these people, many of them are friends of ours, are now blocked from becoming friends with new people and posting in their personal groups – which, for Beachbody, is where we do the bulk of our coaching and mentorship training.

We do not want to risk being blocked or banned from Facebook, for it is both the most convenient way and the primary place where we connect with our customers. 

2. Facebook DOES allow business/marketing to be conducted on PAGES.

While we’ve had our www.fb.com/TheRealCoachMark or www.fb.com/LiveHealthyAndFit pages for years, we have definitely NOT given it the amount of time, energy and effort that it deserves. 

So for us, it’s silly to have two “homes” on FB. Posting in both places would be overkill, and we can not keep both a wall and a page sufficiently updated (we’re really not that interesting or creative… ha!).

3. A Facebook profile is “capped” at 5,000 friends

It may seem silly to be bothered by the fact that we can only have 5000 “friends”on our personal FB profiles, but since we have, and continue to, build a business on Facebook, we do not want to risk maxing out on friends – which, for us, includes a combination of friends, colleagues, and customers. Maxing out would only force me to eventually move to a business page anyway. Pages can have unlimited followers, so by moving to our page, we can increase our reach.

*Current friends – Don’t be worried about the move. The content that we post won’t be any different than what we already post on our personal walls. We’ll continue to share a mixture of social and business content!

If we’re friends on FB, please hop over and “like” our business pages.

Mark – www.fb.com/TheRealCoachMark
Jessica – www.fb.com/LiveHealthyAndFit

Don’t forget to LIKE that page, and click GET NOTIFICATIONS (see featured image).

If you do NOT do this, our updates will NOT show up in your NEWSFEED. 🙁

See you there!

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