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If you’re on this site, reading this article, then you’re probably wondering where you can get Shakeology. Well, contrary to what you may have heard, there is only one place that you can officially get Shakeology. Below I will explain where you can get Shakeology, what the best way to get Shakeology is, how you can get Shakeology with Free Shipping AND how you can get Shakeology with a full, 30-day money back guarantee. Keep reading.

Where Can I Get Shakeology?

If you do a search for “Where to get Shakeology” in Google, you will find many sources. Everything from fake websites made in China to ebay to TeamBeachbody.com. So let’s set the record straight. The only place that you can guarantee that you are getting the real deal when you try to get Shakeology is TeamBeachbody.com OR a Team Beachbody Coach – like me. “But I’ve been able to get Shakeology on ebay before.” That may be true. But keep reading. I will explain why you do NOT want to get Shakeology, or anything else from Beachbody for that matter, off of ebay.

What Is the Best Way To Get Shakeology?

From a price standpoint, let’s look at your options to get Shakeology and talk about, in my opinion, the absolute best, no-brainer way to get Shakeology.

First, there are three ways for someone to get Shakeology. The first way is as a retail customer. As a retail customer, you will sign up for a Free Team Beachbody account and pay, just like it sounds, retail price. Shakeology retails for $119.95 for Chocolate and Greenberry and  $129.95 for Tropical Strawberry plus shipping and handling (roughly $10-15 depending on where you are).

The second way to get Shakeology is by signing up as a Team Beachbody Club member. Team Beachbody Club members receive 10% off of all their purchases from Beachbody. The cost to get the Team Beachbody Club membership is $2.99/ week (billed quarterly). Some of the additional benefits of the Club membership include VIP tips and access to additional resources on TeamBeachbody.com including the Team Beachbody Meal Planner (which can really help with nailing your overall nutrition).

The Absolute Best, No-Brainer Way To Get Shakeology

From my experience, and in my opinion, the absolute best way to get Shakeology is by signing up for a Team Beachbody coach account. And no, you don’t have to “coach” anyone if you do not want to. Think of it more like a “wholesale buying” account like you would get at Costco or Sam’s Club. You pay a membership fee and get a big discount on anything you buy!

The initial cost to sign up as a Team Beachbody coach is$39.95 and $15.95 per month starting in your second month. So what do you get for $39.95 and $15.95/mo? How does 25% off of everything made by Beachbody sound?? Yup, that’s right! 25% off of Shakeology, P90X, Turbo Fire, anything! So what would that make your cost for Shakeology come out to when you decide to get Shakeology. Let’s break it down.

First month, $39.95 (coach sign up fee) + $90 – $97.50 (depending on which flavor) – $130- $137 for your first month (so about $10 more than retail). But starting your second month you’ll be saving around $15 per month! That’s $180 per year! And who doesn’t like to save money?


Additional Benefit When You Get Shakeology As A Coach

In addition to saving $15 per month on your Shakeology and getting 25% off of any other Beachbody programs and products, there are some additional benefits when you get Shakeology as a coach.

1. Coaches are always in the know when it comes to new and upcoming Beachbody products so you can be the first of your friends to have it.

2. There are exclusive Coach only events where you can workout with the trainers like Tony Horton, Shaun T and Chalene Johnson.

3. There is the opportunity to refer Shakeology and other Beachbody products to your friends and family. You will earn a 25% commission on anything that anyone purchases through one of your three company provided websites.

4. You will get access to our Exclusive team page on Facebook – Team Infinity. Here, others just like you, talk about their journey with their fitness program, with their Beachbody business and offer encouragement and advice to help you in any way we can.

How Can I Get Shakeology with Free Shipping?

Hate paying shipping costs? So do I. So here’s how you can get Shakeology with free shipping. When you place your order for Shakeology there will be a drop-down menu with an option for a Monthly AutoShip or a One Time Order only (see image below). Make sure you KEEP the Monthly AutoShip option selected. You can cancel or pause your Shakeology order at anytime but this will initially give you free shipping.

get shakeology

Get Shakeology with Free Shipping














Get Shakeology with A Money Back Guarantee

Getting back to one of my earlier points, the best place to get Shakeology is on TeamBeachbody.com or through this website since I am a Team Beachbody coach. You do NOT want to get Shakeology from a third-party website or ebay, and here’s why. What happens if you order Shakeology and you don’t like it? Or what if you get Shakeology and the bag is broken? Well if you get Shakeology through ebay or another source other than here, you are, what we call, S.O.L. 🙂 (you’re out of luck). You can’t return your order to the seller on ebay and good luck trying to find someone from that bootleg website you bought from.

When you buy through a Team Beachbody coach you are dealing directly with Beachbody. So what does that do for you? When you get Shakeology through this website, in addition to free coaching support from me, you will get a 30-day, bottom of the bag, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Broken seal? Return it. Don’t like the flavor you got? Return it. Don’t like the results you got in 30 days? Return it! Yes, that’s right. You can use Shakeology for the entire 30 days and if you are not 100% completely satisfied you can mail back an empty bag! (of course you would have to pay for a postage stamp 🙂

What If I Only Want to Get Shakeology for 1 Month?

I still highly recommend that you get Shakeology on the monthly autoship even if you only want a one month supply. Saving the instant $10 with free shipping (and getting the free workouts) makes it all worth it. You’ll then just need to take forty seven seconds to email Team Beachbody and tell them that you’d like to cancel your monthly autoship. Make sure to do this before 30 days pass so you don’t get another shipment.

So there you have it. Now you know the best way to get Shakeology, how to get Shakeology with free shipping and how to get Shakeology with the absolute best price available. Ready to get Shakeology for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!


If you need help staying on track or finding the motivation to get started, sign up for your free Team Beachbody account so I can be your Free coach and then let’s connect on Facebook!

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