Will Calorie Information on Beverage Labels Help Us Get Any Healthier?

I saw an ad on TV today that I thought was interesting.

It was a Pepsi ad that was letting me know that, starting now, all Pepsi products will have calorie information clearly labeled on all beverages to help the consumer make a more “informed” decision.

While I think this is a positive step to fight obesity, I think that they are still misleading the public.

This is the same thing that has happened with “fat-free” foods and “diet” drinks. While they may indeed have fewer calories (or even no calories at all), they are forgetting to point out the fact that these foods often have added chemicals to make sure that they still taste good.

Here’s a great video showing why “diet” soda isn’t necessarily better for you than regular soda and will still cause weight gain.

Amazingly, all this information is readily available to people through the internet (a search on youtube pulled up this video in about .2 seconds) yet people continue to live uninformed.

I give a lot of credit to Michelle Obama for bringing obesity to the forefront of national issues but she can’t do it all by herself. We ALL need to help and can do that by just sharing information with the people we care about.

I encourage you to share this information with others and join me in ending the trend of obesity in this country.

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