Workout review 11/2 – 11/8

I am officially a graduate! I have completed all 3 phases of P90X and am feeling great. The last week of phase 3 is similar to the last weeks of phases 1 & 2. It is made up of mostly cardio workouts with core synergistics thrown in there a few times to add a little resistance.

Monday and Saturday: Yoga – What started off as one of my least favorite workouts has become one of my favorite. I love pushing myself during yoga to see if I can hit and hold the poses. I still struggle with yoga but I’ve come a long way from where I started.

Tuesday and Friday: Core Synergistics – This is one of my favorite workouts. It hits every part of your body and I feel great after every time I do it.

Wednesday: Kenpo – Another favorite of mine. Some people that I know really don’t like Kenpo but I do. I get a great workout every time I do it and burn a ton of calories. Not to mention it is, in my opinion the most fun of all the P90X workouts.

Sunday: Off

Can’t wait to start Round 2 on Monday.

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