Workout review 11/9 – 11/15

Back to Phase 1.

I’ve started my second round of P90X and I feel great. It was great looking back at my first round of P90X and seeing how far I’ve come. From doing 10 pull-ups to now doing 18 and from doing 25 push-ups to now doing 40. It’s almost as if I’ve had a mental shift in my brain that has turned me into a psycho. You would think that after going through P90X once I would have learned my lesson on Chest & Back day to “pace myself”. No, not here. It’s just “Bring it, bring it, ‘X’ me!”

Once again, I’m following the P90X Classic routine. I am an absolute fanatic about this routine. With the results that I have seen after Round 1 I can’t wait to finish up Round 2.

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