Workout Review 2/1-2/7

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Core Synergistics

Wednesday: Kenpo

Thursday: Off

Friday: Core Synergistics

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Off

Round 2 done. Monday starts Round 3 and I plan on bringing it. Throughout Round 2 I have slacked a bit on cardio days. With reffing 4-5 days per week I made the decision to cut back on my cardio workouts because I did not want to lose too much weight thought the season.

As I start Round 3 I plan on following the “Doubles” calendar. This schedule should workout perfect because the basketball season will be coming to an end at the same time I will be entering into the “Doubles” section.

If you’d like to start with P90X then order the program through my website and sign up for your Free Beachbody Account where you can log your workouts and win cash or prizes.

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