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Where Are We Going Now?

Do you travel a lot? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being on the road and away from your home can really mess things up when it comes to a workout routine. It can also mean giving yourself an excuse to eat foods that you’d normally leave out of your diet. When this happens you’re getting double whammied by eating worse and working out less. However, with just a little pre-planning, you can cancel out some of the unhealthy impacts of traveling!

4 Tips To Keep Travelers on Track

Tip #1: Be Active All the Time

You can avoid the need to take a structured workout with you if you just pay attention to your surroundings and make it a conscience effort to be active. Most hotels and resorts (if you’re vacationing) have gyms or workout rooms. Use them (you’re paying for it). Almost anywhere you travel will have stairs that you can climb instead of taking the elevator. Make it a point to book a room on an upper level floor and take the stairs! Or you can simply take a walk or a jog in the surrounding areas of where you are staying. Simple, right? However, for many of us, we need some structure to our workout routines. If you’re not realistically going to keep active on your own, check out tip two!

Tip #2: Be Realistic

Let’s be real with each other for just a moment. For most of us, it is very, very unlikely that, if you are away from home traveling or vacationing, you will find the time, or energy, to do one of the more extreme workouts like P90X. For most people, selecting a workout that is short yet gives you a great workout is key to staying on track. I would recommend checking out 10 Minute Trainer or Power Half Hour. Both of those are short but incredibly effective. Even though you won’t be working out for an hour, like P90X, you’ll still feel challenged and get a great workout in!

Tip #3: Be Prepared

Other than your workout dvd, you shouldn’t need much. Most of Beachbody’s workout programs use your own body weight but it you need additional resistance you can always grab a pair of resistance bands (they’ll fit in a small pocket of a suitcase). You might also want to pack a yoga mat as well. A yoga mat is flat and easy to pack, and nothing is worse than working out on a hard hotel floor.

shakeology_shaker_cupTip #4: Bring Your Own Nutritional Supplements

Having something quick and healthy to eat will help you decrease the urge to grab a burger on the go. Whenever I travel, I always make sure that I have some P90X protein bars and packets of Shakeology with me.  If there is one time that you do not want to be around me, it’s when I’m hungry.

Just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean you have to put your workouts or nutrition plan on hold! Just try not to be so hard on yourself and be realistic with what you are willing and able to do while you’re traveling. Prepare for your trip before you leave and then make sure that you have what you need to maintain your workout routine.

Happy (and healthy) traveling!

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