Pain While Doing P90X?

One of the best feeling you get after doing P90X, or any other intense workout, is the soreness that lingers for a day or so after the workout. Being sore is a good sign that you’re really pushing your body. But experiencing pain during or after P90X is not good.

pain in wrist P90X

Wrist Pain During P90X

One issue that I have is that my wrists will sometimes start to hurt while doing P90X. I used to work for Frito Lay many years ago and it was during that time that I actually started developing carpal tunnel. The strength in my hands would completely give out and I couldn’t even hold a bag of chips. So when I started exercising and doing push-ups, upward dogs and other exercises in P90X, my wrists started giving me problems.

Quitting P90X Because of Pain

I didn’t want to give up on P90X simply because of a little pain I was experiencing during a few of the moves. I had to figure out a way to work around the injury.

P90X Pain? Modify, Modify, Modify

Then Tony mentioned in one of the videos to use push-up bars because the angle of your wrist while using a push-up bar was straight as opposed to putting your hands on the floor. So I found an old set of push-up bars in my house and what do you know… no more pain!

It was such a simple fix to such an irritating problem.

So if you’re experiencing some wrist pain during P90X then take comfort in the fact that there are solutions to your problems. Get yourself a quality set of push-up bars and enjoy pain-free workouts.

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