Can I Substitute Yoga X with Cardio X?

One of the most common things I hear people complain about when doing P90X is that they do not like Yoga X and they want to substitute it with Cardio X. I’ll be honest, when I first started P90X I felt the same way. I knew nothing about Yoga. From what I had heard from others was that Yoga was just a bunch of stretching and you do some meditation and some “ohms.” So for my first week of P90X I skipped Yoga X.

Skip Yoga X?

But then I thought to myself, “Why did I invest in this program if I’m not going to follow it?” So I gave Yoga X a shot. And you know what, I hated it. But not for reasons that you may think. When I hear others complain about it, the typical complaint is that it is so “LONG” and “BORING.” While it’s true that Yoga X is about 20 minutes longer than most of the other routines it is by no means “boring” (unless you think sweating your butt off for an hour and a half and getting a great workout is boring). I hated Yoga X because it was so challenging. I had no idea how HARD yoga could be. This is why I think so many people want to substitute it for another disk, like Cardio X, or just skip it all together.

* Sidenote – Don’t get me wrong, I love Cardio X . It’s a great workout that incorporates Yoga, Kenpo, Plyometrics and Core work but was intended as substitute for Plyometrics NOT Yoga X.

The Benefits of Yoga X

Yoga has a number of benefits but here are few of the main ones that I have seen in my own life:

  1. Increase your flexibility. One of the main reasons that I started P90X was that my knee was locking up. The Physical Therapist said it was because of my tight hamstrings. Now, because of my improved flexibility, I have much fewer knee issues.
  2. Increase your strength. Yoga X challenges you by putting you in positions and poses where you are forced to hold a position for 20-30 seconds. Might not sound like a lot of time but believe me, standing in Warrior 3 while doing a half-moon then a twisting half-moon is no joke.
  3. Better posture. With increased strength and flexibility comes better posture. Better posture will reduce the stress that you put on your joints (knees, back, hips, etc) and, over time, you will notice less pain in those areas.

There are many other benefits to doing Yoga X and not substituting it with Cardio X but these are just a few of the main one that I wanted to mention. If you find that an hour and a half is just too long for you to workout (kids, household duties, etc.) then I recommend doing the first 45 minutes of Yoga X, skipping the balance postures and doing the Yoga Belly 7 ab routine.

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